Friday, April 17, 2009

Trask Easter

Sunday morning before church we headed over for our 
1st hunt of the day & a delicious breakfast!
Troy finding his eggs, pretty much two was his limit.  
Once both hands were full he was good to go.
The turtle was quite the celebrity that morning, both Troy & his 
cousin found him very interesting/distracting from the hunting process!
Cousin hugs!  The best photo we could get of the two of 
them together, we missed our cousins in Utah!
Trask rolling of the eggs, the tradition continues!  Roll the 
hard boiled eggs at each other & the egg that cracks is the loser.
We had a surprise winner this year . . . in his rookie season of egg rolling 2 year old Dylan defeated all who opposed him!  His egg only cracked when he squeezed it himself after the competition couldn't keep up with his skills!
Troy trying to pick a winner to no avail, with his cousin posing for a victory photo in the background.
Grandparents & grandkids!
The happy family about to head to church!  (Yes we know the sun's in our faces, but between tickling Troy so he'd actually smile on cue, while funny faces are behind the camera to help, this was the best we could get.  The main man looks cute & that's what counts right!)


Jennifer said...

We miss you guys too! I loved all the pictures. Wish we were there. I didn't know Dylan was the winner!! I am sure his Dad let him in on all his cheating secrets. : ) See you next month... twice!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Wow he looks bigger already! Fun

Heather Stott said...

haha LOVE IT! It's fun to see the other trasks doing what we have done our whole lifes. We have never done it together so I wonder if we do it all the same?! how fun!!