Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More from before!

"Mom, seriously I can't believe you're spiking my hair in the bath!  
Dad would definately NOT approve!"
I caught you taking naked pictures of my bare bum . . . 
& no you can't post those on the blog!!
Having fun with "little buddies" at Jumping Jacks 
& contemplating heading down the slide.
It's much more fun to try going up!
Running the gauntlet!
SUCCESS, I made it!
Playing with the balls, never ending fun & never ending clean up if you ask mom.  Which is why this pic was taken while mom & dad were at Youth conference & grandma Janet was watching me!
This cracks me up, he looks like he's chillin'  but apparently he would slip on the balls every once in a while & he was just resting!
Reading with great grandma Lila, she helped watch me too!
Getting my hair combed, for some reason very relaxing!


Julie said...

Those are great pictures. I love the big bag of balls. I can see how that would be so entertaining at that age. However, as the main "cleaner-uper" in my house I think I would end up hiding them all the time.

Jennifer said...

Of course Mark wouldn't approve! I don't think missionaries walk around with that hair style. I think he is adorable with any hair style!! I miss him.

Heather Stott said...

HE IS SOOOO CUTE! love him!