Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentines Day

So here's the real story of trying to get pictures of my kids together at this stage of life.
It's Valentines day, all are wearing festive red, lets get some quick smiles to document the day, no problem right . . . ya here we go.
Attempt #1 & off she goes.

Attempt #2
Try holding her hands & see if she'll stay.
 Ok, maybe just the big kids, that works.
 Attempt #3
Troy try holding her, Lexie's now mad that she can't hold her.
 Attempt #4
Maybe laying down will work, older 2 think its hilarious, Rachel not so much.
 At least all are looking . . . kind of.
There you have it, probably the best shot of the day.
We'll end on some loving kisses.  
Much more cooperative with taking pics, hopefully sister learns from them soon! :-)

Lexie girl

Wanted to take some fun pictures with Lexie after getting a few of Rachel.
She was much more cooperative & liked getting to change outfits.  
She's my spunky little girl who keeps me on my toes.  Where her brother has basically been pretty willing to come when I call or quickly follow directions, she makes me work for it.  Patience with "her" timing has taught me a lot, but we've grown to work it out & as she gets older I see so many amazing qualities in her that were at times a little lost in her 2 year-old-ness.  
She's a cuddly girl, who isn't in too big of a hurry to grow up & loves being around babies, but is very gentle (thankfully)!
 Some fun twirling.
 Look at her go!
One of my FAV pics we got that day.  
 Having fun with the boots.
Her silly face.
There's the sweet smiling girl that gets her way most of the time!
 She is looking much too old for my liking, please stay my little girl for awhile longer!

Rachel- 10 months

 Ya I know, I've taken a hiatus.  Instagram kept me feeling like I was still documenting in a way, but I got in the "blogging" mood today & am going with it.  Here's my blue eyed baby girl, almost a year & on the move.  She's still a sweetheart, started crawling at the beginning of January, got her first 2 teeth right before Christmas & wants to be everywhere brother & sister are.
 Unlike her sister she does NOT like hair things. I have to distract her when I'm trying to put something in her hair,  because the minute she knows its there, forget it, she's gotten it off.  Lexie never really cared, so I'm adjusting.
 The closest to a smile I got.  
She is a mover now & did not like the sitting still aspect of a few pictures. 
Needless to say it was a bit exhausting & not our best photo results.
 Sister wanting to get a picture together & Rachel was over it.
And that's all folks, how she really felt about the picture taking attempt.  
Though I must admit I love her cute little buns (even if they are crawling away)!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 months

Yep, we're a little behind, such is life.  This month she's been all smiles.  I know I'm pretty spoiled with good babies, I totally recognize the blessing that is.  She's been no different, easy going- great third child.  She goes with the flow & is probably most upset at times in her car seat, especially when it's around meal time & mom tried to squeeze in one more errand, then she makes her presence known! 
 She got a cough this month when colds were going around our family & she had such a hard time sleeping on her back that I let her sleep on her tummy at night too.  She'd been doing it all day, but now that's the only way she sleeps.
 She's a very observant baby, always looking around & noticing others & things around her.  If she catches you looking at her, chances are you're going to get a smile from her.  She's our sweet little love & so happy to have her in our family!
The sisters!
 I love this picture because all the kids wanted to be in a picture with baby girl & this is what you get when you're waiting for the littlest gal to smile . . . fake smiles from the older ones who've been smiling since you started!  Plus you can tell that since it was Rachel's picture time, the others weren't quite  "photo ready", but that's real life for you.
And now for the goofy faces!

Friday, July 13, 2012

3 Months

Here's the baby girl, growing so fast & continuing to be the sweet baby we all can't get enough of!  For all the smiles we get everyday she just wasn't quite it the mood, plus when a camera is in her face she's more curious about it then "posing" like I think she should. 

 She's still proving to be a very easy going girl.  She eats, smiles, giggles, gurgles trying to talk, hangs out, then sleeps.  It's a rare occasion that she gets overly upset & it's usually a pretty good reason if she does, so even though I'm still getting up with her once or occasionally twice at night I don't mind too much.
 Finally a smile, but not looking up.
 The best we got that day, such a sweetheart!
This is the face & eyes I get to stare at each day & the loving girl that looks at me like I'm the best thing around.  I don't know that I feel like I rushed around being the mom of my first two necessarily, but I really am enjoying Rachel & feel so content being with her & slowing down a bit.  I realize how quickly the "baby" time goes & while all the growing stages are fun, I'm enjoying the baby cuddles while I can get them!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Catching up, bear with me!
Loving siblings!
Easter bunny at tiny tots.
 Sis joining the fun.
 On the hunt, she really got the hang of it this year, though she definitely wasn't the fastest.
 Troy finding "his" egg.
 Trask (California) cousins with their stash.
 Rachel not quite 2 weeks old.
Easter Sunday hugs. 
Little love was not in a picture taking mood & this was the best we could do with daddy already at church.
Love this picture, morning faces, bead head & choosing their cereal for breakfast with daddy.
Gotta love routines (especially when it means mom gets to sleep in a little with her newborn)!

 Our sister bear, not quite awake after her nap or should we say nap cont.
 Trying to take some newborn baby pics . . . lets just say it was comedy & Rachel won for sure!
Rachel's blessing day! 
She was not quite 4 weeks, it was a great day, lots of family came to support us/her, those pictures are somewhere . . . haha, so grateful for our new family of 5!

Friday, June 8, 2012

2 months

So it's a little after 2 months for my baby girl, but here we are. My sis-in-law Hayres got me these cute "month" stickers so that I would be forced-uh reminded to take her pictures each month for which I'm grateful.  She's such a sweetie pie!  She weighed 12 lbs 1 oz & was 21 1/4" long at her 2 month check up.  She looks like her brother Troy as a baby, with a touch of Lexie.  The faces she would make totally remind us of Troy, mainly the furrowed brow looking at us like we're crazy.  Luckily she's started smiling at us tons, much sooner than Troy.  She gives me the biggest grins after every meal & plenty to others in between.  She's a great eater & sleeps very well, on her tummy all day & swaddled on her back at night.  Her hardest time of the day to get to sleep is at night, but she usually only wakes up once for me before the morning time.  So I'm spoiled I know!
She is a fan of her tongue being out some, but has taken a binkie like her other siblings great, which I love.  Such an quick & easy comfort & both of my kids weened off them easily, so I'm a fan.
I know this photo shoot isn't the best, I'm no pro & borrowed a nice camera, so look past the imperfections.  Just wanted to share the update on the sweet girl, we're loving these days.
Needed a few in her blessing dress, though about a month late at least we get the idea right! :)
My content little love, she's a very happy baby.  I must say that I'm really enjoying her & holding her a little longer & tighter.  I realize now how quickly they grow & am cherishing this time more & trying not to take it for granted.
(Thank you baby Ruby)

The girls!  Lexie patiently watched the photo session, but I had to get a few together at the end.

Hoping to update on all the latest soon, but had to start somewhere!