Friday, June 8, 2012

2 months

So it's a little after 2 months for my baby girl, but here we are. My sis-in-law Hayres got me these cute "month" stickers so that I would be forced-uh reminded to take her pictures each month for which I'm grateful.  She's such a sweetie pie!  She weighed 12 lbs 1 oz & was 21 1/4" long at her 2 month check up.  She looks like her brother Troy as a baby, with a touch of Lexie.  The faces she would make totally remind us of Troy, mainly the furrowed brow looking at us like we're crazy.  Luckily she's started smiling at us tons, much sooner than Troy.  She gives me the biggest grins after every meal & plenty to others in between.  She's a great eater & sleeps very well, on her tummy all day & swaddled on her back at night.  Her hardest time of the day to get to sleep is at night, but she usually only wakes up once for me before the morning time.  So I'm spoiled I know!
She is a fan of her tongue being out some, but has taken a binkie like her other siblings great, which I love.  Such an quick & easy comfort & both of my kids weened off them easily, so I'm a fan.
I know this photo shoot isn't the best, I'm no pro & borrowed a nice camera, so look past the imperfections.  Just wanted to share the update on the sweet girl, we're loving these days.
Needed a few in her blessing dress, though about a month late at least we get the idea right! :)
My content little love, she's a very happy baby.  I must say that I'm really enjoying her & holding her a little longer & tighter.  I realize now how quickly they grow & am cherishing this time more & trying not to take it for granted.
(Thank you baby Ruby)

The girls!  Lexie patiently watched the photo session, but I had to get a few together at the end.

Hoping to update on all the latest soon, but had to start somewhere!

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Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful.