Monday, June 18, 2012


Catching up, bear with me!
Loving siblings!
Easter bunny at tiny tots.
 Sis joining the fun.
 On the hunt, she really got the hang of it this year, though she definitely wasn't the fastest.
 Troy finding "his" egg.
 Trask (California) cousins with their stash.
 Rachel not quite 2 weeks old.
Easter Sunday hugs. 
Little love was not in a picture taking mood & this was the best we could do with daddy already at church.
Love this picture, morning faces, bead head & choosing their cereal for breakfast with daddy.
Gotta love routines (especially when it means mom gets to sleep in a little with her newborn)!

 Our sister bear, not quite awake after her nap or should we say nap cont.
 Trying to take some newborn baby pics . . . lets just say it was comedy & Rachel won for sure!
Rachel's blessing day! 
She was not quite 4 weeks, it was a great day, lots of family came to support us/her, those pictures are somewhere . . . haha, so grateful for our new family of 5!

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