Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 months

Yep, we're a little behind, such is life.  This month she's been all smiles.  I know I'm pretty spoiled with good babies, I totally recognize the blessing that is.  She's been no different, easy going- great third child.  She goes with the flow & is probably most upset at times in her car seat, especially when it's around meal time & mom tried to squeeze in one more errand, then she makes her presence known! 
 She got a cough this month when colds were going around our family & she had such a hard time sleeping on her back that I let her sleep on her tummy at night too.  She'd been doing it all day, but now that's the only way she sleeps.
 She's a very observant baby, always looking around & noticing others & things around her.  If she catches you looking at her, chances are you're going to get a smile from her.  She's our sweet little love & so happy to have her in our family!
The sisters!
 I love this picture because all the kids wanted to be in a picture with baby girl & this is what you get when you're waiting for the littlest gal to smile . . . fake smiles from the older ones who've been smiling since you started!  Plus you can tell that since it was Rachel's picture time, the others weren't quite  "photo ready", but that's real life for you.
And now for the goofy faces!


Kristin Milius said...

She's SOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

love the onesies so easy to undo a couple of snaps, diaper aside, lovely close up pussy pics, snaps closed 2 mins and nobody ever knows