Friday, February 22, 2013

Rachel- 10 months

 Ya I know, I've taken a hiatus.  Instagram kept me feeling like I was still documenting in a way, but I got in the "blogging" mood today & am going with it.  Here's my blue eyed baby girl, almost a year & on the move.  She's still a sweetheart, started crawling at the beginning of January, got her first 2 teeth right before Christmas & wants to be everywhere brother & sister are.
 Unlike her sister she does NOT like hair things. I have to distract her when I'm trying to put something in her hair,  because the minute she knows its there, forget it, she's gotten it off.  Lexie never really cared, so I'm adjusting.
 The closest to a smile I got.  
She is a mover now & did not like the sitting still aspect of a few pictures. 
Needless to say it was a bit exhausting & not our best photo results.
 Sister wanting to get a picture together & Rachel was over it.
And that's all folks, how she really felt about the picture taking attempt.  
Though I must admit I love her cute little buns (even if they are crawling away)!

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