Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentines Day

So here's the real story of trying to get pictures of my kids together at this stage of life.
It's Valentines day, all are wearing festive red, lets get some quick smiles to document the day, no problem right . . . ya here we go.
Attempt #1 & off she goes.

Attempt #2
Try holding her hands & see if she'll stay.
 Ok, maybe just the big kids, that works.
 Attempt #3
Troy try holding her, Lexie's now mad that she can't hold her.
 Attempt #4
Maybe laying down will work, older 2 think its hilarious, Rachel not so much.
 At least all are looking . . . kind of.
There you have it, probably the best shot of the day.
We'll end on some loving kisses.  
Much more cooperative with taking pics, hopefully sister learns from them soon! :-)

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