Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congrats mom!

Wanted to recognize my mom & all she does!  She's currently a Viking Star (aka employee of the month at her school) & gets her name blazed to the new school sign for all to see.  Sadly she probably gets more consistent recognition at her job sometimes than from her many appreciative family members who get spoiled by her so often, myself definitely included.  So thanks for being a great mom, a hard worker in all aspects of your life, a great example of service, a loving grandma, an amazing friend,  a wonderful listener, & the ultimate role model of divine womanhood!!  Know you're loved, even when you don't get signs on the front of the house reminding you all the time!!    


Jennifer said...

Your Mom is great! So sweet.

Julie said...

I love your mom. She's the best!

Kalita Ulrich said...

She deserve it,She is so great!!
I love our mom!