Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween & 10 months a little late!

Our little Nemo at the ward Harvest Festival!
His sweet face trying to crawl in all of that costume, notice one regular fin & one "little" fin!
Halloween night, how he really felt about his Nemo costume.  Not so fond of the fish head!!
Can you blame him?Our 10 month old!  Not a "staged" photo, but I thought very cute showing his basket of toys & what he chooses to play with first basically every time, his books!  Gotta love a reader!  We continue to love seeing our little guy growing into a little boy more & more each day.  He is taking lots of steps as he gets braver & more steady on his little feet.  The most in a row is probably 6-8, not exactly sure but he will take multiple steps in a row all day long, though crawling is still quicker & easier for him.  He is still a good sleeper who goes down very easily, even spoiling mom by sleeping in until 8 or 9 in the morning for a few weeks (thanks to the time change not so much any more).  He still has a healthy appetite & has little to no foods he absolutely won't eat, just some he prefers much more than others.  He makes lots of sounds including "da da", "ma ma", & "na na" to name a few.  We can't imagine a happier life than we have with our handsome, healthy, loving son!  We are a very blessed family, loving life!


Julie said...

Cute Nemo costume. I love the fin. I can't believe he is taking steps. I need him to rub off on Sophie. I love when they walk early. Its so much easier than crawling. What a cutie!

Jennifer said...

Love it. Why aren't his little legs showing? It's hot enough there. :) He is so handsome. Can't wait to see him again. My cute little nephew.

Heidi Broberg said...

And what a cute little nemo he is!