Monday, November 24, 2008

11 months & counting!

Before the haircutting begins, my cousin Dylan & me!During my 1st real hair cut.  I was sitting in a chair like a big boy, but I got over it!

After the cut me & my cousin with our new short do's!
My favorite thing to organize in the house.  Truly I go straight to my "fun zone" after every nap & make sure the DVD's are just how I like 'em.  If my mom ever tries to put them away, I hurry over to "reorganize" them on the floor again for her . . . I'm such a big help!  Thanks dad for introducing me to this super "fun zone" when mom wasn't home!!
Being a silly cowboy, I must take after my uncles on the Ulrich side!!
Now what do I do with this hat?!?

Here's a half smile for ya ma!

Well Troy is growing & growing, though it may not seem like it as he's still our little short stack.  Actually he's just in the very average range which makes him seem smaller compared to other little ones his age or younger who pass him up.  He is a walking boy now, all over, down the hall, turning, stopping to get his balance . . . yes it has begun!  He has been taking steps for a few weeks now, but crawling was still faster for him.  Now he's gotten the hang of walking & seems to prefer it most of the time.  We love seeing him go, he just seems too little to be doing it already!  He also got a tooth on top last month (not a middle tooth but the one next to it . . . random) & now has another one to join it, the middle one next to it luckily!  I was worried he would get his next tooth on the other side next to where the middle one would be & look like a vampire! :)  We can't believe he is almost a big one year old.  He sleeps like a dream & still takes his 2 naps a day.  He is also still a hearty eater who gets praised regularly by other moms for his wide open mouth when you feed him.  He leaves plenty of room for the spoon & a mound of food to fit in his mouth, he's a crack up!  We sure love our handsome boy & can't picture a happier life than we have now!!


Julie said...

Why do all babies love making a mess with the DVD's? Seriously, all my kids love pulling them off the shelf, along with books and CD's. I guess that means he's normal. Oh, and the vampire look wouldn't have been too bad--vampires are popular these days!

Jennifer said...

They both look so handsome with their new hair cuts. I miss those two! And jealous about the sleeping thing.

Sarah said...

the picture of Troy in the blue hat is so dang cute. ahh yes - the dvd's too. I can't believe I lucked out with a locked little TV stand from Ikea that we bought before we ever had kids (and didn't realize how invaluable it would be).