Saturday, November 15, 2008

1st Disneyland Trip!

We got a call on Tuesday morning from some friends in the ward, the Duncan's, to see if we wanted to go to Disneyland with them.  They had a family member that could sign in 3 people to go for free & they only needed 1 person to get in, so they called us!  We were very excited to take our little man there for the first time, since we were planning on waiting until he was older to remember & enjoy it more if our $$ was spent.  But free??  Sign us up, we were there!  He did really good, with no "break down" moments (which was amazing considering the lack of quality napping for the day) & only one little scare on a ride.  
He loved the merry-go-round as do most kids!
Look at that sweet face!  Mark only took about 30 pictures on this ride alone, don't worry I've spared you the minute by minute!
He did need a little rest against the bar by the end, we were cracking up!
Father & son in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, though you can't see the decor in the background & it was daytime outside still.
After taking use of the baby care center to feed him dinner in a high chair he was pooped.  Yes we'd only been there about 3 hours or so & it was only 6:15!!  The 5 rides we went on really wore him out! :)  
So this was the "before" picture when I was trying to get a picture of him & he wasn't having it, as you can tell.  At which point daddy promptly told him if he didn't stop crying we weren't going to Disneyland anymore!  Gotta love the "parent" language kicking in already . . . even if he's only 10 1/2 months it's never too soon to start right?

P.S. One thing that kind of surprised us going to Disneyland through a child's eyes & not the normal adult view like in the past, was how scary & dark some of the little kids rides were!!  I'll just give one example, where you end up at the end of Mr. Toads Wild Ride after the judge pronounces you "Guilty".  (Let's just say it's very HOT there)  The "happiest place on earth" huh?!?  


Jennifer said...

The girls were scared of Mr.Toad too. I am so glad you guys got to take him to Disneyland! What a fun day.

Jill Duncan said...

Funny, I posted almost the exact same pictures on our blog from our trip to Disneyland! To bad we weren't there on the same day.

Bryce and Amy said...

How fun for your family. I can't wait to take my boys there sometime.

Trask Family said...

Way cute, I've been waiting for an update. I love when friends have connections.

Lindsay said...

I know what you mean about the scary rides. Snow White and Pinocchio are really scary too. I think there's a reason the only inside ride in Fantasyland with a long line tends to be Peter Pan. I've had some harrowing moments with my nieces and nephews on those other ones.

Steven & Jolisa Grimmer said...

I hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog!!! What a beautiful family you have!! Disneyland is a whole new experience through your child's eye. I love the magic, that comes with it!!

L4GWTW said...

How fun. I am sure you had a great time. He is so cute little Mark jr. We haven't been in awhile and I miss it. We are going Thursday for Isaac's birthday and my friends little boy as well. Stacey

Karina & John Calderwood said...

He looks so OLD from the last few pics! He is very cute. Glad to hear that he was a tropper. We debated going next month when we are down for Christmas...but it wouldn't be free for us, so I think we are going to wait until next year! :)