Saturday, October 25, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner!

We had our annual (except for last year) murder mystery dinner with the gang.  I've been a part of 5 of these events since college & Mark has been privileged to come to the last 2 (he LOVES them)!  This night's theme was at an archaeological site in the Tigris-Euphrates valley in 1895.  We had a lot of fun & good food as always!
Mark- An American "six-shooting" railroad tycoon.
Jennette- A English country woman who inherited the family estates & is headed on a world tour.
Cree- A well-educated aristocrat from London, who is the right-hand man to our host at the Archaeological site.
Tiffany- The host's daughter, active in the social scene & designer of fashionable "underclothes".  (also our real host & party planner all these years . . . thanks Tiff)
Stephen- A Major General who has had much success with his British troops.
Desirae- An Oxford scholar who is participating in the archaeological dig.
Adam- A Shakespearean actor who is very popular in the theatre.
Nora- A world traveller who is the heiress to her families fortune.


April and Wes said...

What a fun idea, and a beautiful top picture!!

Kevin and Hayres said...

We see that the carabao belt came in very handy.

Kevin and Hayres said...

We heard that Troy was Nemo. Are you posting pictures???

Amber said...

That looks so fun. I have always wanted to do one. You have to fill me in on the details