Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun, busy life!

Handsome boy for church, standing steady like a big boy!
Enjoying his "after meal biscuit"
Playing with my cousin Jake when we visited them for conference weekend, we're only 4 months apart.
We like to share!  Thanks for letting me play with your toys!!
Visiting with my sister Jessica who's a BYU student now (ahhh the memories of Freshman year)!!
Being a good traveling boy for my first loooong trip in the car to Utah!

My first BYU shirt, but definitely not the last!
Found these pictures on my camera as a surprise!  Playing with my Auntie Julie while she babysits me with Grandma, so mom can go be "crafty for a day" at her Super Saturday activity.
More fun!


Elise Norwood said...

It's nice to see a little BYU among the typical Ulrich USC mania :) I'm sorry, did you say that was Jessica. . . a freshman. . . at BYU? WHAT? Truly, I am shocked. I feel so old.

Julie said...

How cool that you got to take a little trip to Utah. I'm glad Troy did so well. Way to train him young. . . Go cougs!

Jill Duncan said...

cute pictures! My favorite is the one of him eating his biscuit! :)

Jennifer said...

He looks so old and handsome in that first picture. Oh I miss him.

Jessica said...

I can't believe our HAIR! We both look like we have large horse manes. RIDICULOUS!! Haha..we should invest in some hair cuts. =]]]