Monday, October 10, 2011


After realizing it had been almost a year since I had last gotten a hair cut, I decided it was time for a change. In almost the same moment I was thinking about cutting my hair I decided to look into donating what I cut to Locks of Love. While I wasn't necessarily going for a big change, after reading up on L.O.L. I was set & 10 inches would be the cut. More info here
Luckily I have a great husband who took a little convincing, but supported me & thinks my "new do" looks good too!

So while posting pics of myself is not my fav, I figured this was noteworthy & likely a once in a lifetime event. Soooo BEFORE . . . .

Yes that is 2 ponytails I'm holding!

It's been a fun change, wish I'd done it during the summer when my hair was basically in clips on the top of my head all day, everyday. But enjoying something different for now!

Also thought while I'm on a new "kick" I'd post a few of the fun desserts or food I find as I "blog stalk" food sites for new recipes (mainly dessert . . . what can I say some things never change) & try them out. Now I don't have a fancy camera & am not planning to do a fun/cute photo session to show you the food, you can follow the blog link for where I found it for that. But since occasionally I like to try new recipes I figured I'd share the yumminess as I go along!
While the pictures don't do this justice, let me just say the name fits . . . they are GOOD stuff! Brownie-oreo-chocolate . . . are you sold yet?? Delicious!


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

cute, i love and, it looks fresh and good. AND for such a great cause too!!!

Dana said...

Jennette-I love your cut! It looks great! :-)