Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween & October Fun

Started off the fun visiting a pumpkin patch with the cousins. Sun didn't provide the best group photo op for the day.
Sweet little pumpkin!
Sitting on the bouncer with my "twin" cousin while the boys bounced around us.
Going on one of the rides with my buddy while mom pretends they are safer than they look.
Visited the Cal Poly pumpkin patch with Grandpa Bob. This was the most common view of the day, from behind. They loved all the pumpkins & it felt like they pretty much covered the whole area, which was not small.
Heading down the hill, Troy leading the way, the norm for the day. Luckily grandpa there to help sis keep up!
My sweet kids!
The hunt for the "perfect" pumpkin or at least one up to Troy's standards was not an easy one. His major qualification, a long stem to hold it, but he was not easily one over . . . trust me we tried.
Following her big bro. Love this pic & hope she keeps wanting to follow his lead.
Attempting to get a good picture together just wasn't in the cards this year.
Ready to pose & ready to go!
Finally catching a decent picture on the move, unlike her brother who "knows the drill" she isn't a poser for me.
At one of the 2 parties we went to that weekend, fun times!


Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures. The kids are growing up. They are so cute!!! Can't wait to squeeze them. 2 weeks!

Dana said...

Very cute!