Friday, June 18, 2010

What we've been up to!

At some point I'll be consistent about blogging again, but in the mean time here is the latest in our lives all at once!

We traveled to Utah for my sisters reception/open house up there in May. A lot of the family was able to come & we had a great time together. The kids were amazing travelers, it was our first trip with the four of us & luckily it wasn't a disaster. We headed up Friday & home Monday, since we had a little time Saturday before the wedding business we headed to Hogle Zoo with the Taylor, Tabatha & their 3 boys!

All the guys watching the momma & baby elephant.
Checking out the rhino, yes it is that close, very cool.
Who can miss the giraffes? Even though it was licking the wall . . . interesting!
Playing on the tigers.
All of us!

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