Friday, June 18, 2010

Lexie Michele- 3 months

What can I say about our wonderful girl, if you just look at her eyes you know we are so in love & taken by her. She is a great baby, I can't say that enough, she's awesome. She is happy & loves to smile (Troy made you work for them, stinker), she gives them away. She's still very content to hang out, eats well & is chunking up more than Troy did- loving the rolls, sleeps great- just gets up once at night around 5 or so then up for day at 8. She's not a loud girl & I still keep her in our room or I might not hear her at night, always need a monitor in the day. Her blue eyes & dark hair kinda throw me off, thinking only blondie babies should have the blue so long, I keep wondering when her eye color will change & what it will be, I know it's still early though. We're just enjoying every minute of our precious doll. She coos & makes lots of noises now, it's adorable, plus she wants to sit up at every opportunity. She will be in her boppy straining to sit, her car seat too! I tell her to relax, but she keeps trying to see the world despite my advice. We love our Lexie loo, sister bear, precious, honey love girl!

Soooo sweet!
Such a cutie in her red kitty dress!
With her "twin" cousin Reese.
Trying to show her "after bath wet hair curls" on top of her head, just like her momma had as a baby. If I don't comb it though she becomes a pouf head.
Love all the fun girly clothes!
Can't get enough of her.
Hanging with my big bro!


Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful. I miss those two!

tessa said...

she is so cute! i love the last picture of her and troy!

mlletiff said...

So cute! Aren't girls so fun! I love all the clothes. Her blue eyes are so light blue for her olive complexion! I look forward to seeing her and Troy soon. It will be fun to see how grown up they are getting. Talk to you soon.

Kevin and Hayres said...

Love her pretty blue eyes!

Kalita Ulrich said...

Lexie is just too cute!!! She is growing way too fast, love her chubby cheeks :)