Friday, June 18, 2010

1st "Family" trip to Temple Square

The Family!
The whole gang at temple square!
Funny story, everyone went to Music & the Spoken Word that morning except Mark, myself & all the kids in this picture. We met up with them after it was over since 8 & younger aren't allowed in. When we parked & started walking to meet up with everyone I was holding Lexie, my purse & the hand of my 3 year old nephew, while Mark had 2 baby bags, a stroller with our 1 year old nephew, with Troy & his 2 year old cousin "holding" on to either sides of the stroller. That totals 5 kids- 3 and under. As we were crossing the parking lot a lady in a minivan hollered out her window, "Do you guys need some help? I can be right there?" She then parked her car & hurried up to us, but we were practically there so we just thanked her & kept going. Apparently we didn't look as competent as we were trying to be with all the little ones enough to cause alarm from those around us, haha. Wonder how different that scene would've played out in California instead :)
Dad & son in front of Joseph & Oliver receiving the Aaronic priesthood! Mark was so bummed the lighting messed up in this picture, guess I'll have to get going on learning photoshop!
On top of the conference center with our clan!
That night with dad, love my family!

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