Friday, August 8, 2008


Summer swimming with mom.
Don't worry mom's right next to me.
Hanging out in the pedicab with Grandma G, made especially for the grandkids in the Philippines!
It is customized with the family name, yet hasn't quite made its maiden voyage as I'm still a bit too little, but pics will follow when it does.  (Never mind the fly on my forehead, it's from the Philippines what do you expect??  ;> )
Summer napping before church . . . even though we start at 9:00 am, you think I woke up too early this morning?!?
Summer laundry, I'm always a big helper!  Yes I'm in USC gear, the Ulrich side what can I say.  BYU gear to follow :)
I got this on my head all by myself, now what!
Mom thinks she's real cute, leaving me in here!


Jennifer said...

He is getting big. We miss little Troy. The pedicab is awesome!! The kids will have so much fun!

Jennifer said...

I love the family picture!

Jill Duncan said...

The pictures of you guys at the beach are way cute!! Troy is so cute, and I love the pedicab, it looks like so much fun.

L4GWTW said...

I love the pedicab I am sure my kids will love to have a ride in it! Don't worry Genevieve it isn't embarassing! Troy is getting so big he looks so much like the Trask family he is a cutie! Stacey