Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Latest

Enjoying toes at the beach!
Finally some food . . . my first pretzel!
Hanging with my dad.
Entertained by a wind up little chick with my cousins Logan & Carter.
Now entertained by Carter!  Troy & Logan are only 2 months apart, but seeming to close the gap as days go by.  This was the closest I've experienced to having twins . . . crazy!
Me & my grandma "G"!
Swimming in Vegas!
Exhausted by swimming so long, he literally fell asleep in my arms & napped for an hour or so in the room afterwards!  Mark took us on our first family vacation, a mini-trip to Vegas for my birthday.  It was laid back & a lot of fun!
Out to dinner in Vegas!
Troy's tourist grandparents!  They kindly joined us in Vegas so Mark & I could go to the temple Saturday morning.  We were so excited, checked the session times & everything . . . unfortunately we didn't check to closed for cleaning dates & were only able to drive by it . . . what a bummer!!


Jennifer said...

Your not kidding when you say "tourist parents". Those outfits are the definition of it!

Elise Norwood said...

Aww man! Bummer is right! Still looks like a fun trip though :) Happy belated birthday!