Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8 MONTHS (a little late)

I love this picture of my guys before church this past Sunday!
The family.Starting to smile for the camera when asked to!
Another precious smile!
Looking like a chunky cheek's boy, although also "smiling" for the camera.
Getting so big, he loves to stand now!

Well the 22nd came & went, my little boy is 8 months old now.  His most significant accomplishment this past month is crawling . . . all over the place . . . the floors aren't as clean as they should be . . . oops.  Ironically his first official crawling steps were taken when both mom & dad weren't around, it was one of the few times he's been babysat (I know- 1st child what can I say) & he showed off for his Auntie's Jessica & Julianne.  Luckily they caught it on video on a camera, so I did get to see it after.  This is the thanks I get for trying to be a good mom, "firsts" being done the minute I leave, no respect :)  Well along with crawling he now pulls himself up to stand on everything he can get to as well.  If he has mom help him stand, once he's a little balanced he lets go, not that he can go anywhere, but apparently already trying to stake his independence.  He's so cute!  He makes lots of noises of all variety, tries to carry on conversations, & sometimes when he remembers he has a voice & people are talking around him- tries to be louder than them.  He notices when people leave & often crawls after them, occasionally whining or sad to see them go.  He much prefers having mom, dad, grandma & grandpa Trask ALL around instead of just mom, more attention = more content.  He's going to be adjusting a bit after we move in a few days.  We still can't get enough of his smiles & laughter, he is still a very happy boy.  He has his two bottom teeth growing away & gets uncomfortable occasionally with his teeth growing pains.  He has been very blessed to be sooo healthy.  Every once in awhile I think about how he really hasn't been sick, sure a few minor colds that just consist of a runny nose, but those were barely anything.  I hope that continues!!  He also is a tough little guy, along with moving more comes falling & bumping his head.  He is tough & hardly ever cries about it thankfully, even when it's those times where it's quite a loud thump, no tears!  We are still so grateful to be blessed with this amazing boy in our lives, what a wonderful privilege to be his parents!


Anonymous said...

Happy 8 months, Little One!

Julie said...

What a cutie! I'm not a fan of the crawling stage. They find every little crumb even after you have just vacuumed. They wear holes in their pants. They are always sticking everything in their mouth. And church. . . don't even get me started. You don't realize how dirty the church floors are until you have a baby crawling on them and you pick he/she up and their knees are black! Ewwww!

Julie said...

Ooops. I just read my comment back and it sounded more negative than I meant. Sorry! I'm so excited when the babies are mobile and it is fun to see them get around. . . I just like it more when they are walking. Way to go little Troy!

Jennifer said...

So CUTE! Can't wait to possibly see him in a few weeks! :)

Laura said...

He's getting so big! Where are you guys moving to?