Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here he is in a cute Elmo outfit Aunt Diana gave him.  Plus he is in little mittens frequently to keep him from scratching his face & mainly because his mom (namely me) is too chicken to cut his nails.  I would like to report that since a "cut" by his Aunt Kalita his hands are breathing much better now & I'm working up to doing it myself . . . very soon!! :)

Here is the little guy all stretched out.  He cracks us up because he always seems to spread his arms straight out to the side when we set him down.  In this outfit he looks like a little man, which makes me sad since I already think he's growing too fast, but he so fun & everyday he smiles a little bit more.  We haven't been able to catch his smile on film yet, he seems to know when we're trying to get his picture that way & doesn't exactly cooperate, but we'll post it when we do capture it!

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