Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally caught some smiles!!

We had a great "smiles" session at grandma's just a few days ago.  He'd had a long nap & a full stomach & was finally ready to smile for the camera.  He's starting to get the hang of it!!
When I smile sometimes I like to look like my daddy smiled when he was a little guy, so one eye is squinting & the other is open.  Or maybe I'm just trying to tease my mom & show her that I can wink even though she can't!! :)
I'm just too cute, don't you think??
Enough with the flash mom, isn't 20+ pics plenty??
Yes, I know everyone wants my picture!  I guess I'd better practice my parade wave, either that or tell mom "I'm good, can we be done now??"  You decide ;>


Laura said...

Hey Jennette! He's beautiful...I'm sorry I missed your shower (I was out of town) We'll have to get together soon so I can hold your baby before he gets any bigger! :) Call me sometime! :)

pennington said...

He does look a lot like Mark when he smiles! Adorable!! I miss him!

Jill Duncan said...

Hey Jennette, Mark, and Troy! Troy looks so cute in all of those pictures!!! He looks just like Mark, I can't believe it.