Sunday, June 12, 2011

Overdue is an understatement!

So I'm sure you've been there, you keep meaning to post about life & updates, then time passes. You now how more to blog about, plus what you haven't yet, then more time passes. As the pattern continues the list of "make-up" posts get longer & more outdated, you feel overwhelmed & a little guilty that you haven't done it . . . then more time passes.

So here we are, yes we are alive, yes we are having a good time of life, yes kids are growing too fast before our eyes & yes I am trying once again to get on this blog/journal bandwagon & be more regular about updating, because it is pretty fun to look back on & remember not only the pictures, but what we were thinking at the time.

So in an attempt at a "mini" re-cap here's the past few months, bear with me!
Valentines day picture
How they really felt about the photo-op
Me & my baby girl on her 1st birthday! We celebrated the
weekend before since we were out of town on the actual day.
My attempt at being "cutesy" for her party. Made the cupcake toppers
out of candy melts, saw the idea on one of the many blog sites I love
to stalk for ideas, haha.
Little Lexie's flower birthday cake.
Her first bites, really probably the first main experience with sugar.
It's been downhill since :)
"Why all the pictures mom?"
Not sure why we love to do this on 1st birthdays, but a fun tradition none the less.
New little nephew born, Tanner John, what a sweetie!
Had a girls weekend in good 'ol Socal with BYU Freshman gals.
We won't talk about how long ago that was (haha). Here we are
with tons of items from the "Friends" TV show set at the Warner
Bros studio. We got hooked up with quite the back stage tour,
we felt like celebrities. Then enjoyed spending time together
reminiscing & catching up the rest of the weekend, with no schedule!

Now I realize I'm posting about events in February & March,
like I said bear with me, more to follow!

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