Monday, January 10, 2011

3 years & 10 months

Well we've had a busy holiday season as have most of you I imagine, so in an attempt to get documented the latest happenings I'll start with the most notable. The kids growing of course! What can I say but I love these kids & they obviously are pretty fond of each other.
I love her look up at big brother Troy!
Smiles facing forward, sis is still working on her balance, but growing so fast!
Our handsome son turned 3 right before Christmas. I'll admit that in an attempt to make his birthday special, some of the Christmas festivities on the "list" just didn't happen this year. But he'd been excited about his birthday for a good while & it didn't disappoint.
Some of the silly smiles he's come up with lately when we say "cheese".
His new bike, now that he's a big boy!
A funny moment caught on film. Daddy trying to show Troy "how to" ride his bike & Troy not exactly into sharing quite yet on his bikes first voyage out when the rain had ceased for a bit.

Troy is at such a fun age. He's a great helper, though he's starting to get a bit too smart for some of my mommy tactics to allow choices, but still get the result intended. He loves to sing & learn new primary songs, if you see us in the car that's likely what we're doing. He has done great starting primary & even got potty trained with very little "drama" before his birthday.
So proud of our big boy!
Little sis is still smiley as ever. She's much more interactive & gets to where she's going though not because she's crawling, little stinker. She's definitely on her own time schedule, haha! She does great scooting around & gets there, just not as quickly.
Here she is "standing" ok leaning. She babbles lots & is excited about eating, especially munching with her gums- since teeth haven't appeared quite yet either.
Smiles with daddy, priceless!
(Love the nose scrunching!)
Our little angel Christmas morning.

Lexie is our laid back gal! Her personality is fitting with her milestone firsts coming a bit later than Troy, she's just cool with hanging. Plus she's got plenty of entertainment from her brother running around. She just recently is starting to sit up on her own from laying down, she's just on her back smiling up when I come to get her from bed. We still have the crib at the highest notch, since we don't have to worry about her doing much more than rolling around still. She's again just chill when you're holding her, so don't expect her to help much, she settles in & lets you do all the work, (you'd think my muscles would be much bigger)! She has stayed around the 95% for weight & 40% for height on her last 3 appointments- 4, 6 & 9 months. We've loved having our happy girl a part of our family & can't wait to see her continue to grow!


Jennifer said...

I have the cutest nieces and nephews ever!!!

Bryce and Amy said...

My goodness, your kids are getting so big. I think our daughters are close in age. . . both born last March, right? So sad to think they're almost one.

I love Lexie's blue eyes.

Anonymous said...


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