Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010- "SUPER" family

Yes we had a superman theme . . . Mark was thrilled . . . he found out the morning of the party :) I figured I'd better take advantage & coordinate while Troy still didn't have a strong opinion about what costume he wanted, it was simple yet fun!
Friday evening we headed to the ward party at the church.
The SUPERMEN, so handsome!!
Troy with his cousin Dylan
Lexie with her cousin Reese
Don't they just look thrilled on their first Halloween!!
It was hard to contain their excitement at the party, haha!
Troy on the other hand had a blast!
Here he is on the cake walk (don't ask me where the tongue came from, that's a first).
He played tons of games, ran around with his cousin & friends, & got loads of candy.
What more could he ask for?!!
The next night we headed out to the Ulrich cousins ward party.
2nd night in a row making it double the fun & double the number of cousins!
Troy with Buzz & Woody (aka Carter & Logan)
The whole gang, do you see a theme?
Jessie with her strawberry sis, Superkids, Buzz times 2, Rex & Woody!
Lexie's other cousin close in age, Khloe
(4 months youger & yes practically an identical twin of her mom)