Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lexie at 7 months (oops 7 1/2 almost 8)

Happy girl in her favorite sitting position!
Swimming in the September heat wave.
Enjoying a plum with grandpa.
Not as exciting rice cereal, but digging it a lot more these days.
If that's not comfortable sleeping I don't know what is!!

So my darling 2nd child is finally getting a post of her own. Sadly meant too at 6 months, started it at 7 & here we are almost to 8 months, gotta love life! She is still as sweet as ever! She is very content & chill, sits up great, but hasn't been too concerned to get anywhere other than what's within her "reach zone". She has a happy, huge smile that you're sure to see if you're around her for a few minutes, especially after a meal. She takes regular naps, though lately not very long ones, 1-2 hours or so. Ok I was probably spoiled by her brother & his mega naps, but still a mom can dream :) She gets to sleep well, wakes up once or twice a night, with an occasional through the night rest, but her contentment is the same either way. We like to say she is the perfect 2nd child, getting ample attention, but not expecting to be held all the time- thank you Lexie! She's held onto her blue eyes so far, I'm still waiting to see what will happen there. She likes to blow bubbles to communicate with us, mixing it up with occasional babble sounds. Then we all chime in to get her to say "mama" or "dada" & yes even "Troy, Troy" or "Troy boy". She has definitely grown quicker than Troy did, at her 4 & 6 month appointments she was in the 40% for height & 97% for weight, haha. At 6 months she weighed more than Troy did at a year, so we are loving our chunky rolls & adjusting too growing out of clothes much faster!! We are so happy to have this lovely girl in our family, she is such a joy & can't wait to continue to see all of her firsts in life!

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