Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer wedding!

My handsome brother David & his stunning wife Tessa!
Welcome to the family!
Our happy family at the LA Temple.
(gotta love Troy's "smiley" face right now)
Dad & daughter, our little sunflower!
The men in my life!
The gals!
Cute cousins waiting for the couple to come out.
At the reception.
Tasty fingers
Mom & son, my handsome guy!
The original Ulrich sistas, don't we look related? Hmmm . . .
Some of the decor at the reception.
More decos
Yummy treats!


Ben + Jess said...

I think my favorite picture in this group is the one of the kids. I think it's really funny that all the kids are sitting there, and Logan is like bawling because he has to sit. So great.

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

ugh- Brock smiled like that for a year. He's getting back into normal smiles. You guys are ADORABLE!