Monday, April 19, 2010

Lexie's Blessing

Here she is in a photo session with Aunt Hayres & her fancy camera.
Yes she looks like an angel & she truly is!
Big bright eyes!
So sweet.
Love her blue eyes & dark hair! I'm sure it won't stay that way, but fun for now.
The "girls" before church.
We had a record 5 baby blessings that day, here are the dads with their little ones.
The "twin" cousins with their dads in their pretty white dresses.
Most all of the gang who came for the girls blessings, a few escaped too quickly!
Ulrich family
Trask family


mlletiff said...

Cute pictures. And what a darling girly dress! I love it. I have been meaning to call you for days now. I hope you are doing ok and I'm sure you are somewhat busy with a busy toddler and a new baby! I want to catch up so I will call you soon.

Kevin and Hayres said...

Awww, Reese's sweet cousin Lexie. She looks like a toy doll on the 2nd picture. Soo cute!!! We'll have to do a photoshoot with both the girls next time. That'll be fun!

Julie said...

She is adorable. I want to hold her so bad!!!! Five baby blessings? Did anyone in the ward have a place to sit?

Elise said...

Oh wow! She really IS a little angel! Great pictures! Fun to see pics of everyone in your family!