Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter 2010

Family picture on Easter
Troy beginning his easter egg hunt at home, the sole hunter for now!
Finding his hidden eggs, he got better at it as the day went on.
Continuing the Trask family tradition of rolling eggs. It was just the boys this year, the girls were behind the camera & eating. :)
Beginning the egg hunt on the Ulrich side, doesn't the grass look awesome!
A little guidance finding the eggs.
The Ulrich cousins, minus Lexie, didn't feel like sticking her in the grass just yet!
Here's the little sweetie, exactly 1 month to the day!
I love her eyes, can't get enough of our sweet girl.
Wouldn't be complete without an attempt at a family pic. Troy was a runner this year, we snapped 1 picture & off he went running around the yard, of course his cousins were sure to follow, it was hilarious.

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