Monday, November 9, 2009


Pinocchio! Our little man LOVED being in his costume this year! He even kept the hat on for most of the night. We weren't sure if people would know who he was, but it was a fun weekend & not too cold for his "not so wintry weather" costume.
Off to the ward party! Halloween bag & stake directory in hand, what more do you need?
The family, pre-trick-or-treating.
All the Ulrich cousins on Halloween, pirates on your left & soccer players on your right. Always a hilarious attempt to get them all looking at the camera, smiling we don't even go there, we just try to see all the faces! Troy was a bit more interested in the toys he was stowing in his bag before it was filled with candy.
The chaos at the doorstep, this one had a talking something that Troy wasn't digging!
Just our cute boy, I guess technically in Halloween colors right! He's growing so fast, almost 2!


Jennifer said...

Too cute. Such a good picture of you with Troy. Gorgeous!

Bryce and Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a really fun Halloween. So when do you find out what you're having, or have you already?