Monday, October 26, 2009


19 Weeks!
I'm not very good about keeping up on/documenting my pregnancy so here's an attempt, we'll see how it goes. I'm actually exactly 19 weeks here, in my mind officially "showing" not just looking like I have some extra around the middle.
An actual smile, teeth included. He's a rare "smiler" when it's asked of him, but there are occasional documented glimpses.
Riding with daddy on "Small World". He loved singing & clapping along with this ride at D-land. His 1st official big boy trip, where he could interact & remember the rides names, etc.
The merry-go-round, a favorite of course, but he was all business. No smiles, no letting go before-during-or after the ride.
We got to visit cousins in Utah for little Claire's blessing, he loves babies! I'm pretty sure that's a good thing for his lil bro. or sis., but time will tell. :)
Giving hugs to Jake, he's loved saying his name constantly & talking to him on the phone since the trip!
More love for his cousins, he had a great time playing & interacting
with them on their own turf.
Being a silly boy in the closet & his attempt at smiling while saying "cheese".

So time has flown by lately! I started feeling like an actual person again around 15 weeks, breaking through the fog of the 1st trimester. But it still seems like a whirlwind since. Troy is our happy little talker. We've joked that he's definitely not our "show off" baby, in that he would never perform something new (smile, crawl, walk, talk, etc.) in the moment we'd ask him too, mainly for family. But he sure loves to repeat words now!! He sits at his chair when he's eating & points around the room to all the words he knows. We quiz him on cousins, aunts & uncles names & he'll repeat them back. Most things sound accurate or pretty close, but a few favorites that don't are "merker" aka microwave and "myker" aka uncle Michael. He's getting much better at letting us know what he wants via words, not just pointing & grunting, which has been a good thing . . . usually. For instance when he was in sacrament meeting at church a few weeks back while pointing to the door he kept saying oh so quietly, "outside please, outside". We were not thrilled!! We're having fun adventures in our family & are grateful for our blessings!


Jennifer said...

I love the picture where Troy's arm is around Brooke. And the one of him and Claire. OK, I love them all. Can't wait to see you all next month. Maybe you will have gained more than 5 pounds by then. :)

Jill Duncan said...

You look so small still!!!!
The pictures of Troy are so cute!

Julie said...

I love all the things he's saying. Sophie's the same way right now. I'm so happy she can say a few things including "thank you" which makes her sound a LITTLE nicer when she's so stinkin' demanding. Can't wait to hear about the gender of this baby! And you call that showing? You look great!

Elise said...

Great update--it's about time. . . not like I can talk or anything. You look fantastic and Troy is such a big boy now. By the way, I love how your beautiful long hair makes the shape of a heart in your family picture at the top of your blog :)

Kevin and Hayres said...

Ok, Jennette, that's my 17th week belly. And I have proof! I'm so glad we can go through this pregnancy thing together.