Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Catch up: Part 2

The little man checking under the hood of his motorized car/truck/jeep thing!
C'mon Troy take a picture in your pj's it's Christmas eve!
I'll take your picture under my terms, now where's the remote!
Our Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning!
Ulrich family Christmas . . . I know, I know!  Mind you this IS picking names!
Family fun!
Surrounded by toys, he plays with the ribbon!
Visiting with friends Sarah & Desirae on New years day!  They traveled from Colorado & San Diego!
Ulrich girls!  We had a family dinner at our place & amazingly we all fit!


Jennifer said...

It was great to see all of your pictures! We miss you all!

Heidi Broberg said...

We misee you already! Ella keeps asking when she can go play with Troy and his house again...

And THANKS SO SO SO much for all your help on Friday. You were a livesaver. We are finally in our house and it looks like a whirlwind ran through....we will get their.


Julie said...

The Ulrich tree is cracking me up!!! Did Sarah come just for fun or does she have family there? That's neat that you, Sarah, and Desirae were able to get together. Hope you had fun.

Heather Stott said...

his cake eating pics are so cute!

Sarah said...

what a fun vacation with the Lakers game, the family time - and all that jazz. Hope Mark is liking his new job!