Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The catch up: Part 1

So I've been a serious slacker with putting any of the recent events on our blog.  I would think about it all the time, but the more time past, the more I should be putting on & it got to be too much.  So in an attempt to stop worrying about it here I go with the catch up as best I can!Laker game with the fam!  It was an awesome & exciting game, we loved it!

Troy's 1st birthday party- presents galore!
Where he really was most of the present opening time!
His awesome birthday cake made by his cake decorating Aunt extraordinaire Tabatha!
What is this stuff?
I think I kinda like it!
"Mom, you're sure I can eat this stuff?  You've never fed me anything this tasty before?"
Getting the hang of it!
Taking a break, cake eating can be tiring!
This is the best birthday party ever!!!!!!!!!
The happy family!
Post sugar high!
Playing with one of his new toys!
Slammin' it home!  He's a quick learner :)

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Julie said...

Jennette, Of course you are training him to be a baller at a young age. He sure is cute! Happy Bday Troy!