Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still alive & kicking in 2010!

Well we're still here . . . celebrated Troy's 2nd birthday, Christmas, New Years & are starting in on the February b-day madness in our family (8 between both sides to be exact)! We've had great holidays, such fun times with family & friends, Troy is a lot more into it now which just adds to the joy of the season. January flew by, don't ask me how, but little sis is well & kicking at 35 weeks. It's definitely getting down to it, I'm much more ready this time around to be done with the pregnancy. I do love it, it's an amazing feeling to have a little person growing inside of you, nothing compares, but she sure has made her existence known a lot more than Troy did. Plus my 30 year old body ain't what it used to be (ha ha). We feel very blessed to be starting this new year with so much in our lives & can't wait for our darling daughter to join us. We still don't have a name (no we're not keeping it secret as has been hinted at), but we're actually discussing names, so we're getting more of a short list together. Certain things I like to be very prepared & organized about, other things I don't mind so much taking the time to figure it out, even if it seems last minute. So as we plug along with life here are a few highlights from the past little bit, better late than never right.

Family photo, the Sunday before Christmas.
Christmas morning, having fun opening gifts & getting lots of attention.
His new keyboard with a microphone, he loves it!
Most of the Ulrich cousins before the gift opening extravaganza began.
Getting the hang of opening presents, yes he (really all of us) is spoiled!
For documenting purposes only, 32 weeks, not my fav picture, but oh well.
Troy practicing to hold his baby sister soon, his teddy bear wrapped in his favorite blanket.
Hugging "Jessie" a D-land, this was the first time he really noticed the characters & the lines were short to see them. He didn't want to take a picture, he actually asked to give them a hug, it was pretty fun I must admit!

We can't forget "Goofy"!
First time on the rockets with dad & practically a first that he actually smiled at the camera when asked to!!


Bryce and Amy said...

You're such a cute pregnant girl!! I'm excited for your little girl to come. Good luck picking out a name.

Jennifer said...

I just noticed you updated your blog! You look great Jennette! So cute. I am so excited for you guys. Can't wait to meet my little niece. I love Troy's keyboard/mic toy. That looks fun. Cute pictures! :)

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures - I can't believe Troy is two already. Michael came over home teaching the other night and brought the kids with him. Kaylie is SO EXCITED you are having a girl! So much fun. Take care - you look great!