Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer loving!

My sweet little silly face enjoying his $2 hat, a little big you say . . . nah he loves it!
"Smile Troy" or stick out your huge tongue, whichever you prefer.
A recent attempt at all the Ulrich cousins, 6 & counting.
Waiting for Mr. Turtle's appearance! (Yes he does sleep in a dog house)
His first task every time he goes to grandma & grandpa Trasks house . . . feed the turtle. Sleeping, hiding, these minor set backs never deter Troy from his task at hand. Luckily grandpa loves their little routine & stops whatever he's doing to let little guy do his thing!
Petting his friend while he tries to eat & mom just glad she doesn't have to touch it!
Hmmm are you trying to tell me something son?
Troy's little cousin Austin came over to play for a day while his older brothers went to Sea World. Troy just couldn't get enough of him!
"Stay there Troy"
"Ok, just don't get any closer he's trying to sleep"
"Honey, leave the baby alone"
Needless to say the hardest part of the day was trying to have Troy give him some distance! Luckily his little cousin has an almost 3 & 16 month older brothers who give him lots of "love" too, so he's pretty used to it.


Heather Stott said...

looks like he'd make a good older brother! :)

April and Jason said...

cute little troy!! Love the turtle pictures! :)

Jennifer said...

I didn't know the turtle slept in the dog house! That is so funny. I love ALL the pictures. I miss my little nephew...:( You guys too!

Amber said...

Cute! Maybe he is ready for a sibling. LOL