Sunday, June 7, 2009

Air Troy

Slamming it home!
Ok maybe dad was helping a little.
The joy of success & cheers after the dunk!
The silly son playing with the rice cooker bowl, basically his favorite toy of late.
"Smile Troy" & this is what you get, I fear he may have the smile/eyes close syndrome of some on the Ulrich side . . . we'll have to work on it!
This picture was taken to forever remember the huge wide open mouth when he eats.  His mouth opens this big for every bite & always has . . . now that I've been spoiled, every sibling Troy has will need to do the same, he will get to help them if they need it! :)


Jennifer said...

His big bites crack me up! It is so sweet of him to be so helpful for you. : )
Miss you guys

Heather Stott said...

those pictures are too stinking cute! love the smile pose with the hat/rice cooker. Adorable! I am one of the ones that my eyes like to disapear when I smile too. :)

Julie said...

Troy is so photogenic. That picture of him with the rice cooker on his head (which looks like a little hat) is so stinkin' cute!