Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St. George

So Mark & I are not big travelers, that's just not the stage of life were in right now, so when we get a chance to jet away overnight we'll take it.  A few weekends ago St. George was that place.  Mark's cousin Mallory was getting married so it was up on Saturday & back on Sunday.  Troy did amazingly well for the amount of travel time, though he didn't sleep the whole way up even though woke him up when we left at 5 am . . . that is until we were actually in St. George, then he dozed off, silly boy!
The reception was in Mallory's parents backyard, which was amazing by the way.  Troy loved their toy area & this little house especially.
Troy & his cousin Jake being silly on the trampoline!
Gotta love the face shots, did I mention it was crazy hot, even though it was from 6-9 in the evening!!
Trampoline action with cousins Jake & Brooke, we miss seeing them frequently!!
Chilling by the trampoline, Hayres, Kevin & Mark with Troy enjoying the rocks.
The beautiful bride after she threw the bouquet, check out that view . . . amazing!  Or as my husband frequently refers to Utah landscape, "beautiful country"!
Troy's 2nd cousin William, don't you love his wedding attire, so cute & Troy was not thrilled with sharing daddy!
More fun on the trampoline, he couldn't get enough his cheeks were so red.
Visiting the horses further back on their land & Mark standing exactly like his father does . . . or should I say the Trasks do!
Petting the horse, it was very gentle & sweet.
Checking out the bird cage, yes it's big & yes there are tons of them in it, he was fascinated!

We had a great quick trip!  Troy got to basically play at a park & go to the zoo all in one backyard.  The reception was awesome, decorated so well with all the wedding colors, the food was the best (hopefully I'll be trying some of the recipes soon!!), & it was great to see the family!


Jennifer said...

The picture of Troy and Jake on the trampoline is so cute!! I love it.

Julie said...

Fun trip. . . so for Christmas. . . is it a trampoline or a horse! :)

Mills Family said...

So, I've made a blog!! I used to check yours out when I would look at my mom's but it's been a while since I've looked at it. I love the St.George post! Thank you so much for coming! It really meant a lot. You guys are so awesome!!