Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Little squirt!
Squinting my nose!
LOVE to stand by one of my "fav" spots . . . the trash can!
Helping mom unpack!
Who couldn't love this mug?

Troy is now a big 9 month old boy!  He crawls like a pro, pulls himself to stand on everything of course, likes to stand steady without touching anything/one, & loves to walk with his car/walker toy.  Still going strong with 2 teeth, mom has been trying to give him new things to taste since usually when he's done eating he also likes to share part of mom or dads meal with them.  You'd think he be bigger for all the food he actually eats, but he seems to be going strong as an average sized boy (which mom is so thankful of now that we live upstairs).  He's found many new toys to play with around the house, whether they are toys that were normally in the garage or other fun things around the "less organized than before we moved" house.  He has recently started "dancing/rocking" to music, which we love of course!  He makes all kinds of interesting sounds as he talks to us, from higher pitch noises to grunting low babbles.  While we do try to leave him to be watched by others a little bit now, we can't wait to see him again, even if it's just been a short while away.  We love our little man, he brings so much joy to our home!


Jennifer said...

He is getting so big! It makes me sad that I am not there. Can't wait to squeeze him!

Danielle said...

He IS getting big! I can't believe how fast it's gone. It seems like he was just born, and now he's almost one! He's adorable!