Monday, April 7, 2008

Love those fingers!

Really digging in!
Oh so tasty, how many can I fit in my mouth at one time!
Just a snack, notice the wetness on the fingers!  He cracks us up because he seriously tries to fit both of his hands in his mouth at once.  He can sure cram a lot of fingers in there.  We keep being told this is due to teething . . . we shall see! :)


Jennifer said...

I LOVE every single picture you posted! He is so cute! I wish I was there. It makes me sad. Kiss him for me! Love you guys!

Julie said...

Troy is so cute! Seriously, he's seems like such a good and happy baby. I love the finger sucking--since that's been pretty big with our family. Hey, it helps them stay content so I really don't mind. Love seeing your happy family!
The Boyers

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen a baby try to put BOTH hands in his mouth. Oh, my little grandson....he is so unique. I love all the pictures of him. He is such a precious, little guy.


Laura said...

He's getting sooo big! He really is a cutie pie! :)