Monday, March 24, 2008

3 months old!

Look at that precious little face!!
Sleeping on his back . . . a very rare occasion, he was exhausted.
We love Troy's smiles, it makes our day!!  It's amazing how time is flying.  Everyday with our son is a fun, new adventure.  He brings us so much joy and happiness.  At this point he is napping & sleeping at night pretty well.  The time is not consistent, but he is definitely getting some good sleeping stretches of time in both day & night.  This past week he has actually started sleeping in his cradle, which he hadn't done up until this point.  Though it's kind of ironic he's started now, since it's getting close to the time we'll have him sleep in his crib at night. . . oh well, he sleeps in his crib for nap time!  Troy also rolled onto his back for the first time last Friday.  He was waking up from his morning nap & when I went in he kept stiffening his body which was making him roll onto his side.  Sadly I think it was gas related, but he wasn't too uncomfortable & I was interested to see if he could do it.  Within a few minutes he had rolled from his tummy onto his back, it was very exciting, though I'm not sure he'll repeat it anytime soon.  We are enjoying Troy's smiles, which we see daily, as well as his cooing.  He loves to talk to mom, especially after he's eaten, but is starting to talk lots to others too.  He seems to have a lot to say, must take after the Trask side :)  Also about 3 weeks ago or so he laughed for the 1st time.  He was talking to mom & then it just turned to a laugh, so I started to laugh to encourage it & he kept going, which made me laugh more.  Needless to say my cheeks were sore & it was especially fun because dad was home to see it too!  Well we are so grateful everyday for our precious little boy, we can't help but love him & think he's the cutest thing ever!!


Jennifer said...

Oh they grow fast! I miss you guys! I can't wait to see Troy again. He is SO CUTE!!

Karina & John said...

Oh my goodness, your baby is a genius! Kelsi hasn't rolled over yet and she is 2 weeks older than Troy! (It may also be that her mommy rarely puts her on her back because she throws a fit if she is on her tummy for more than 3 minutes!)